Senior Backend Engineer

Burlingame, California, United States · Technology


At Booster, we’re reinventing the way your car gets gas. Our platform supports this core mission, end-to-end, from receiving customer orders to dispatching tankers to fulfill those orders. As a platform engineer, you’ll work closely with the product team to design and implement new features as well as iterate and evolve the existing system to keep it in tip-top shape.

Possible projects include

● Making our dispatch algorithms account for current fuel inventory

● Making our pricing algorithms account for the cost of gas in the tanker that’s dispatched to that location

● Write a homebaked solution for piping MongoDB data into PostgreSQL for analysis

● Write a tool for visualizing query performance

● Integrating our platform with the meters that track how much gas was pumped via OBD-II

Responsibilities Include

● Design new features and improve existing functionality for systems like pricing and inventory management

● Work closely with our app teams to debug escalated issues

● Improving our automated testing setup and mentoring junior engineers in good testing practice



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